WHORUPerf – Check CPU, Memory, Disk State, Delete to cache/temp

Last Update 2017.04.18

Syslog send to alert  about cpu, memory, disk limit(also notice bic size folder),

auto delete to cache/temp directory


CPU notice – Who use to CPU

Disk limit and Health Check – Big size folder notice and try to clean temp file.

Also check Hdd State(RAID health check)



Update notice


Performance update


1. Add Disk Health check(Include RAID State)

2. More Deleted safe for Winsxs and Software object.


1. Add to include notice to 5 big size folder.

2. auto clean to cache folder and temp folder(clean folder list below)

a. %WINDIR%\Installer\$PatchCache$  – https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/heaths/2009/08/09/atl-security-update-kb971092-still-offered-on-microsoft-update/

b. %TEMP% – User temp and System temp delete




WHORUPerf is monitoring system performance[cpu, disk, memory].

Also check Big size folder(tree limit 3 level). and clean to temp file.

This tool can only send syslog. So it use to SIEM(ArcSight, Splunk, WHORU)

It’s use option to whoru.ini file of below.

Default is CLI mode, If you want to install service type, input -i option

ex) whoruperf -i

whoru.ini Configuration.

Syslog_IP= <-- send syslog server.

Monitoring=false <-- this option only use whoru enterprise(performance counter)
Alert=true <-- enable or disalbe alert
Alert_CPU=1 <-- alert to cpu limit %
Alert_Memory=100 <-- alert to memory limit MB
Alert_Disk=8000 <-- alert to disk limit MB
Delete_Temp=true <-- temp file clean when alert to disk limit.
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