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Windows Server Log Collector

who is use my system

Server Log Collector

WHORU is a reliable program that can log several user actions or system processes and network events on your computer. The software can monitor your computer and list all the actions that take place on it, in an integrated log, which it can export to a text file. You can easily enable or disable any of the monitored categories.

Security tool for your computer

WHORU can detect and record a series of actions, processes, files or system performance indicators. All the detected instances are recorded in the activity log, which you may analyze at any time. The software can export the entire list to a text file, in a location of your choice.

WHORU’s interface is divided by tabs, based on every instance that it can monitor. Thus, you can easily access the Event, File, Process, Network, Performance and Global tabs, with just one click. Each of them allow you to enable or disable the monitoring of that particular instance, as well as set a few specific options.

Activity log offers detailed information

All the processes or actions that can be monitored by WHORU are displayed in a table, in its interface. The application can detect any running instance on your computer and logs it under the system’s IP address. It can also detect actions by other IP addresses, from the same network.

Each entry is composed out of the time/date column, the type, level and a short message. Thus, you may view when a particular log entry is determined by a file being accessed, a change in the resources usage, computer performance or other processes. The level column indicates whether the instance is system or user controlled.

Adjust white lists

Each tab in WHORU allows you to create a white list of all the trusted instances. You can add several entries or mention the instances in one entry, using commas as separators. The application even allows you to create a list of trusted IPs and to search for a particular entry in the log.

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– Windows version:


Self Dectect Suspicious File and Virustotal use.

WHORU Network

Notice to what process use network and you choice only look Internet connecting.


Notice to remote login and block ip self.


Find to DISK error and alert High use cpu and Low Disk space.

WHORU Proc(coming soon)

Recode prcess use with argment and detect to hide malware file.


You can control WHORU Service to Easy! Zip ||  Exe



– Linux version: (Beta service)



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