Remote Control & Monitoring– IRUNI

IRUNI – Remote Control & Monitoring

Last Update 2017.11.20

설치가 필요 없는 원격 관리 및 보안 모니터링 도구, Don’t need to install Remote Control and Monitoring

IRUNI is a management tool that does not require installation and can recognize new instances developed for the cloud environment as agents only. New servers can be automatically managed according to the situation where the server grows automatically, and the service status of the servers can also be managed centrally.


IRUNI Controller





WHORU system log collector pack



code sign on “Open Source Developer, JuSeong Han

Easy install

Installation is finished you just simply copy and run the file. If you want to use the service for without a server login, you can enter “-i” option.

Remote Management / Monitoring

Service Control at multiple server

Centrally manage the services of multiple servers is easy to manage.

Service state manage

It checks the service status every 5 minutes and notifies the administrator of the current service port status.

File Deploy/Patch

If you need to patch several servers’ services, you can patch them at once through the Deploy menu.

IRUNI preferences can also be modified centrally with the “IRUNI agent config view” menu.

Windows Management

In addition, the Windows system can be centrally managed.

Run instant command script

You can run commands that you want to run on multiple servers at once.

Firewall rule manage

If you need to block specific IPs through a firewall or open ports, you can apply them to multiple servers simultaneously.

Server log, all on one pack

IRUNI easy to include whoru pack. so, you can easy to collect to server log(process, file, eventlog, perf, logon log by syslog base) and manage to configuration on central.


Support to WHORU Server Log Collector controls

Update notice

2017.11.20 – add to autoupdate

2017.09.26 – public to

Usage option – IRUNI agent

You need to setting IRUNI agent configuration file for your evn.

Port=9051 <– IRUNI  view listen port and also use IRUNI Agent listen port
Server= <– IRUNI view listen ip

[Service] <– Service manage option
Port= <– If your service listen server program, use this it’s check service state every 5 time.
Name=lmhosts <–When start and stop service process, IRUNI is find servicename, If  you input to full path for normal processname, also can manage.
File = <– It’s use File Deploy and Patch, Overwrite to file path. if not input to filepath, use to overwrite to current use service process path.
Check= <– If you need  check to start service before another port open. use this.

Agent Runnig Mode(we recommend to install service type)

-i IRUNI Agent install service type.

-u IRUNI Agent uninstall service type.



When you use to control IIS base webserver service control.

Remote Control & Monitoring– IRUNI

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