Web browser safe your private – incognito mode

Using the incognito mode of the web browser, you can safely surf the web by preventing the user’s tracker (Google Analyzer, etc.) from operating without storing the user information on the PC.

incognito mode

visited pages – pages history

cookies – private store key

searches – search history

temporary files – use web cache

Content Blocking -automatically blocks many trackers

does not save data

So let’s see how you can use incognito mode.


1. Light-click
Light-clickon the icon to select private windows

private windows

2. shortcut key
use private widows using Ctrl + Shift + P

main menu

3. shortcut icon
Create a new desktop shortcut for Firefox. Edit the Target line in Properties by adding a space and then -private at the end of that line.

Other browsers are provided in a similar way, and I have summarized some of the others.

Chrome shortcut icon = -incognito

Wheel shortcut icon = -incognito

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