How to more secure configuration for Paloalto Firewall

1. Antivirus Setting

Objects > Security Profiles > Antivirus

Antivirus profile to a value of black for all except imap and pop3

2. Anti-Spyware Setting

Objects > Security Profiles > Anti-Spyware

I recommend to multiple rules exist within the Anti-Spyware profile. Because it’s need to many except.

If you need to control more detail category, you can choice below menu.

And you can control DNS queries, I recommend to make a sinkhole interface.

3. Vulnerability Protection Setting

Objects > Security Profiles > Vulnerability Protection

It’s recommend to set to block any “critical” or “high” threats, another set to default.

4. URL Filtering Setting

Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering

URL Filtering need to licenses, so you need to check Device > Licenses menu.

Block: adult, hacking, malware, phishing, proxy-avoidanceand-anonymizers.

Consider: alcohol-and-tobacco, gambling, military, peer-to-peer, sex-education, weapons

5. File Block Setting

Objects > Security Profiles > File Blocking

File Block is use to WildFire, so it need to licenses, so you need to check Device > Licenses menu.

If you want to more detail guideline. Check to youtube.

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